BPN Taps Leaders Across PA for Board of Directors

Posted February 23, 2024 in News

The Burn Prevention Network (BPN) recently appointed three new members to its board of directors. Those joining the board are Ariel Aballay, MD, FACS – Medical Director of the West Penn Burn Center, Allegheny Health Network; Emily Goldman, MSW, LSW, a burn survivor and social worker; and Vanessa Hartline, Director of Cash Management at PPL […]


Volunteer Highlight: The Woelkers Family

Posted January 22, 2024 in Camp, Program, Volunteer

Meet the Woelkers Family, where volunteering is a cherished tradition! Mickey and Leo Woelkers have been dedicated volunteers at Camp Susquehanna for many years. Leo, affectionately known as our “Chauffeur,” and Mickey, an integral part of our Fun Squad, imparting knowledge in our science sessions. Leo also serves as a valuable member of the BPN […]


You Meet the Bravest People at Camp Susquehanna: Elliye and Miles’ Story

Posted October 19, 2023 in Camp

Courage is something that lives in our hearts, not in our minds. If you want proof, talk to Elliye and Miles, two siblings who literally walked through fire to save others. Their story reveals an extraordinary capacity within the human spirit to manifest courage almost beyond comprehension. On the night of January 12th, 2022, their […]


An Impact That Lasts: Marcia Levinson and Camp Susquehanna

Posted August 30, 2023 in Spotlights

For over two decades, Marcia Levinson, previous director of Burn Prevention Network’s Camp Susquehanna, dedicated herself to a remarkable mission: to foster an environment where young burn survivors could not only find solace and have fun but also learn to enhance their self-image and personal development. Her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment left a lasting […]


Celebrate Safely PA! 2023 Recap

Posted August 8, 2023 in News, Program

In anticipation of the 2023 Fourth of July holiday, Burn Prevention Network ran Celebrate Safely PA, a statewide public health awareness campaign to educate the public about consumer firework safety and to reduce the number of consumer fireworks-related injuries. Each year, Burn Prevention Network partners with fire departments across the Commonwealth of PA, local governments […]


Protector Solar y Gorras y Camisas…

Posted August 2, 2023 in General

¡Durante esta divertida actividad, hablará con sus hijos sobre lo que necesita para estar seguro bajo el sol! Materiales necesitados: • Libros para colorear  • Materiales de arte (crayones, marcadores, calcomanías, purpurina, etc.) Pasos para realizar la Actividad: Pregúntele a su hijo qué necesita la persona para estar segura afuera bajo el sol. (Bloqueador solar, […]


Seguridad de Verano

Posted August 2, 2023 in General

Diversión de verano… ¡Con seguridad! Los días cálidos de verano están sobre nosotros y puede ser maravilloso para nuestros hijos pasar tiempo al aire libre al aire libre. ¡También es importante asegurarse de que estén disfrutando de su tiempo al aire libre de manera segura! Aquí hay algunos consejos simples para mantener a su familia […]


Sunscreen and Hats and Shirts…OH MY!

Posted July 18, 2023 in General

During this fun activity, you will talk with your children about what you need to be safe in the sun! Materials Needed: • Coloring page  • Art supplies (crayons, markers, stickers, glitter, etc.) Steps to do the Activity: Ask your child what the person needs to be safe outside in the sun. (Sunscreen, hat, shirt). […]


Summer Safety

Posted July 18, 2023 in Home Safe Home Young Adventurer

Summer Fun…Safely! Warm, summer days are upon us and can be so wonderful for our children to spend time outdoors in the fresh air.  It’s also important to make sure they are enjoying their time outside safely! Here are some simple tips to keep your family safe from too much exposure to the suns harmful […]


Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Christina’s Story

Posted June 28, 2023 in General

Motherhood is an extraordinary journey filled with love, joy, and immense challenges. For Christina, a long-time donor, supporter, and volunteer for Burn Prevention Network and Camp Susquehanna, the path of motherhood took an unexpected turn when her daughter Lyla suffered a scald injury at the age of two. This unfortunate incident occurred just eight days […]