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Donate Help Gifts Donation Your generous gifts to the Burn Prevention Network help new mothers keep their babies safe, celebrate heroes who have saved lives in fires, support burn survivors and their families on their journey, and teach school age children how to survive and prevent fires.

Together, we prevent and empower.

Please mail your gift to:

Attn: Cori Rolón
Burn Prevention Network
6081 Hamilton Blvd, Suite 600-628
Allentown PA 18106-3107

Make checks payable to: Burn Prevention Network

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The Burn Prevention Network is a Non-Profit Charitable Corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free 1-800-732-0999.

Maltese Cross Leadership Giving Society

The Maltese Cross Society of the Burn Prevention Network are individuals, couples and families who make a special level of personal commitment to prevent burns and empower burn survivors. This elite group of local philanthropists is an alliance of successful, community-minded individuals and business leaders who invest $1,000 or more annually. By making these generous gifts, society members support our mission, take an active role in our success and make sure no family suffers through the pain of a burn.

BPN Board Member, Lou Puentes talks with Maltese Cross members, Chrissie Hartner and Brian Hartner

Over a thousand years ago, the Saracens used lighted torches and highly flammable liquid to set their enemies, the Knights of St. John, on fire. Hundreds of knights were burned to death while others fought to put out the flames. The survivors of that battle were awarded a Maltese Cross in honor of their heroic efforts to extinguish the fires and save their fellow soldiers. Today, the Maltese Cross is recognized around the world as a symbol of fire service. It is frequently painted on fire trucks, worn on firefighters’ uniforms, and chosen as firefighter tattoos. Nearly all fire departments feature it in their insignia.

The Burn Prevention Network is closely partnered with both career and volunteer fire departments.  While we honor their bravery and heroism by naming our society in their honor, we work to prevent fires so they do not need to risk their lives unnecessarily. This symbol reminds us of the death and destruction that fires can cause and the urgency for us to work together as a community to prevent them.

We are grateful to our Maltese Cross Society members who show their passion for this vital mission by contributing time, talent and financial resources to transform Pennsylvania.

You automatically become a member of the society when you make donations totaling $1000 or more in any year.  Please contact Cori Rolón with any questions.

Eternal Flame Legacy Giving Society

The Eternal Flame Society of the Burn Prevention Network are individuals, couples and families who have taken the special step of including Burn Prevention Network in their long-term plans through a bequest, retirement plan, charitable trust, gift annuity or other legacy giving arrangement.

This group is a vital network of supporters who understand the importance of ensuring our critical work to prevent burns and empower burn survivors will continue far into the future. Members enjoy a number of benefits today, including invitations to special events and recognition in our annual report (though they may also remain anonymous). Membership in the Eternal Flame Society is a source of pride for members who set an example for others to follow.


To learn more about Eternal Flame Society membership and legacy giving, please contact Cori Rolón

Jenn Nagle Memorial Camp Susquehanna Fund

The Jenn Nagle Memorial Camp Susquehanna Fund

Jenn was a committed Camp Susquehanna leadership team member and a fearless fundraiser who raised at least 5% of the camp’s total budget each year. She dedicated her time to serving as camp counselor for our Leaders in Training (LIT) program for burn survivors making the transition between campers and counselors, providing guidance, wisdom and caring compassion.

The Jenn Nagle Memorial Camp Susquehanna Fund honors Jenn’s legacy by providing annual contributions to camp in perpetuity.

To donate to the fund, please mail your gift to:

Attn: Cori Rolón
Burn Prevention Network
6081 Hamilton Blvd, Suite 600-628
Allentown PA 18106-3107

Make checks payable to: Burn Prevention Network and put “Jenn Nagle Memorial CS Fund” in the memo line.

or you can donate directly:

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Volunteers have the power to tackle society’s greatest challenges, to build stronger communities and be a force that transforms the world. Volunteers are at the heart of our efforts, and together, we prevent burns and empower burn survivors!
Want to share your time, talents, and voice to change Pennsylvania?

Start here:

There are several ways to volunteer for the Burn Prevention Network

Burn Prevention Network is proud to offer year-round programming for youth burn survivors ages 7-17. The Camp Susquehanna volunteers make sure our students are supported, connected to one another, and learning resiliency skills.

Any volunteers who have direct contact with children must complete full applications with child abuse and criminal background checks, fill out the Camp Susquehanna Application, and commit to being onsite for the entirety of camp (June 14-18, 2024).

In-Person Camp Susquehanna volunteer opportunities include:

–        Camp Counselors who stay in the camper cabins and lead their group through activities.

–        Fun Squad who come up with and conduct all programming while at camp.

–        Psychosocial Team who lead targeted metal health programming for campers while at camp.  Members of this team must have mental health training and experience.

–       Photographers

–       Nurses

For those who cannot commit to the full time at camp, we have other volunteer opportunities like fundraising,  packing backpacks, labeling/organizing/inventorying supplies and loading/unloading camp supplies.

Burn Prevention Network is one of the national leaders in burn prevention programming.  We offer a full array of programs that help prevent burns in preschool children, school age children and families.  Prevention Program Volunteers operate our Home Safe Home Young Adventurers Club, packing and shipping out prevention materials to parents of preschool children. They also follow up with school principals and teachers across Pennsylvania to answer questions about our curriculum and make sure they are using it in their classroom.

Burn Prevention Network is seeking individuals who can speak passionately about our mission and share it with a wider audience.  In particular, burn survivors and First Responders have the background to be knowledgeable speakers! This core group is available to fill opportunities when we have community booths at various events or public speaking opportunities at meetings press conferences.

Burn Prevention Network is seeking individuals with office skills!  We have old files to be scanned, uploaded and organized as well as technical skills in the areas of database management, fundraising and marketing.

Burn Prevention Network is proud to support higher education internships and fellowships.  We offer flexible options that can fit nearly any school requirement for credits and welcome interns who are structuring their own experience as well.

Our staff typically includes interns and fellows in the areas of marketing, fundraising and program support but we are able to offer experiences in general business as well.  All of our internships and fellowships offer real world working experience designed to develop the individual’s skills.

Burn Prevention Network has a strong team of leaders who advise and counsel our Executive Director on emerging threats/opportunities, best practices, and policies. We are currently seeking professionals with skills in Development/Fundraising, Human Relations, Banking/Finance as well as Information Technology.