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Camp Susquehanna

Camp Susquehanna is dedicated to providing children with burns the opportunities to face social and physical challenges, develop self-esteem, and promote a positive attitude while encouraging healthy independence.  Camp is a safe place for healing, a place for children to share feelings about difficult experiences, perhaps for the first time.  Life skills workshops combined with many fun activities ensure that the child with burn injuries enjoys special experiences.  Camp Susquehanna strives to have every child meet the  goals of building self-esteem,  learning responsibility, and developing coping strategies to use outside the camp arena.  One way we do this is by providing challenge activities that give children the sense of ‘conquering’ and accomplishment.

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Philosophy & Goals

Camp Susquehanna is dedicated to providing children with burns the opportunities to face social and physical challenges, develop self- esteem, and promote a positive attitude while encouraging healthy independence.  Camp is a safe place for healing, a place for children to share feelings about difficult experiences, perhaps for the first time.  Life skills workshops combined with many fun activities ensure that the child with burn injuries enjoys special experiences.  Camp Susquehanna strives to have every child meet the  goals of building self-esteem,  learning responsibility, and developing coping strategies to use outside the camp arena.  One way we do this is by providing challenge activities that give children the sense of ‘conquering’ and accomplishment.


Camp Susquehanna came into being after a lecture in 1994 to the Lancaster SERTOMA club by Alan Breslau, founder of the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. The club presented him with a Service to Mankind Award and asked him what they could do to help burn survivors. Alan immediately suggested that they establish a camp for burned children. It was decided there and then by the Sertomans that they would do so in memory of M Elvin Byler their founder. Camp Susquehanna was born! The first camp was held on the beautiful campus of Franklin and Marshall College with eight children that very same summer. It was a very ‘full on’ program packed tightly with fun activities and outings, directed by Richard Friedman, Lee Walp, Cindy Thomas and Alan & Delwyn Breslau with enthusiastic support from the Sertoma members and the Fire Service. Children have since been flown in from many different states where there are no established camps for them to attend. Alan and Delwyn remained closely involved with the annual summer camp until their emigration to New Zealand in 2003.

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Climbing Walls

Rope Courses



Art Projects



Special Programs

…And much more!

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Volunteer Info

Counselors must be present at camp per the dates listed above. No exceptions.

  • Have experience working with children
  • Complete the application
  • Complete a phone interview
  • Attend all days of camp
  • Must have Criminal and Child Abuse checks completed and mailed prior to attending camp. Anyone who has not lived in the state of PA for the last ten consecutive years ​must also complete an FBI fingerprint check. Clearances are valid for 60 months from date of ​issue.
  • Burn survivors ages 18-20 may apply to the Leaders-In-Training Program
  • All others potential volunteers must be at least 21 years of age

2019 Camp Susquehanna Handbook

2019 Volunteer Application »

Packing List

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Camp Susquehanna is only possible because of generous community donors and businesses. It costs roughly $1000 to send one child to camp, and the entire experience is completely free of charge to our campers and their families! If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation, please use the donate button below or make your check out to the Burn Prevention Network and put Camp Susquehanna in the comment section.






If you prefer to send a check:

Burn Prevention Network c/o Camp Susquehanna
236 North 17th Street
Allentown, PA 18104

** Please make checks payable to Burn Prevention Network and write Camp Susquehanna in the memo line

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Breck Artz, MS

Breck Artz is a Therapist with Catholic Charities Intensive Day Treatment Program in Lancaster, PA. There she works with children and adolescents with significant mental health diagnoses within the school/program settings while working extensively with their team to decrease behaviors so that they may return to a less restrictive environment.  Breck is also the part time Student Ministries Leader at Church of God of Landisville. She has her Master’s degree in Child, Youth, and Family Studies with a specialization in Youth Development. Breck has been a part of Camp Discovery-Pennsylvania (a specialized camp for children with chronic dermatological conditions) since 1998 and has been on their director team since 2002. These experiences have led her to Camp Susquehanna as part of leadership team overseeing camp programming. She has been involved with Camp Susquehanna since 2014.

Jessica Banks, BSE

Jessica Banks is the Prevention Education Director and Camp Liaison for the Burn Prevention Network. She has a Bachelor’s degree with dual certification in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Millersville University. She worked in Early Care Classrooms and Administration for 18 years before joining the staff of the Burn Prevention Network in 2006. She runs all programming for BPN, and holds the PA State Levels I&II Certification as a Youth Fire Misuse Specialist.  She has been involved with Camp Susquehanna since 2015.

Liz Dideon Hess, LCSW

Liz Dideon Hess is a Clinical Social Worker working in private practice therapy. Previously, she has worked at Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Regional Burn Center for 13 years, where she provided mental health counseling, support group facilitation, and oversaw peer support programs for pediatric and adult burn survivors. She specializes in trauma, social skill development, grief, and body image issues. Liz has been a burn survivor since 2003 and has been involved with Camp Susquehanna since 2004.

Marcia Levinson, PT, PhD, MFT

Marcia Levinson is an Associate Professor at Thomas Jefferson University, in the department of Physical Therapy. Her specialty is pediatrics, with a Master’s degree in family counseling, a Master of Science degree in Pediatric Physical Therapy and a Doctorate in Clinical Child Development. Marcia has been on the Leadership Team of Camp Susquehanna since 2002.

Jennifer Nagle, RN, BSN, CCRN

Jennifer Nagle graduated in 1999 from Widner University with a Bachelors degree in nursing and has worked as a critical care nurse at Lehigh Valley Health Network’s, Regional Burn Center since 2003. Jenn has been involved with Camp Susquehanna since 2006 and the LIT leader since 2013.

Steven Schneider, CFPS

Steven Schneider is a retired Fire Chief and currently works for a large fire protection service provider. He is the Lehigh Valley Health Network, Regional Burn Center’s Liaison to the Fire Service. Steve has been involved with Camp Susquehanna since 2014 and the LIT leader since 2015.

Leaders In Training

The Leaders In Training (LIT) program is a three year leadership program within Camp Susquehanna, for young adults ages 18 to 21 with an option for a fourth year. The LIT program focuses on fostering skills necessary to becoming a good leader as well as developing life skills that will be beneficial throughout the participant’s lifetime. Through a combination of group discussions and exercises, the participants will recognize the value of teamwork and planning, how to overcome obstacles, handle setbacks and continue to develop their own values. These skills will be put to use while interacting and assisting the campers and councilors. Entry into this program is via an application process, which will be reviewed by a committee of the Camp and those accepted will be notified.

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What is Camp Susquehanna?

Camp is a 5 day, sleep-away experience for children ages 7-17 who have had a burn injury. It is an opportunity for children to have fun, learn life skills, and meet other burn survivors. Although Camp Susquehanna’s campers are of varying ages, activities and groups are geared towards each camper’s developmental needs.

Where is C.S.?

Camp Susquehanna is being held at beautiful Camp Westmont in Poyntelle, PA!  Surrounded by beautiful woods and containing many outdoor adventures, campers and counselors also enjoy the amenities of air conditioned facilities.

Who are the counselors/Staff?

Our staff consists of adult burn survivors, health care professionals, burn center staff and fire service professionals.  All of our staff undergoes criminal background checks, screening interviews, and training.

How much does it cost?

NOTHING! Camp is free to campers, sponsored by the M. Elvin Byler Memorial Sertoma Club, Burn Prevention Network,  and other generous donors.  Campers are also offered free roundtrip bus transportation from several different sites/burn centers across Pennsylvania; including Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Lehigh Valley.  Children may also be brought to camp via private vehicle.

What about my child’s special needs?

Camp Susquehanna has qualified burn nurses on staff who dispense medications, change dressings, assist with pressure garments, and perform medical duties as needed.  For the first time this year we will also have the benefit of Telemedicine Services through Lehigh Valley Health Network!  Our programming is geared to include all levels of ability and function.   Other professionals are present, including mental health, physical, occupational, and/or recreational therapists, etc.

It is the policy of the Burn Prevention Network to make its educational programs and services available to all persons, organizations, and places of business without regard to sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, race, creed, color, national origin, ability to pay, handicap or disability, and subject to the availability of institutional resources.

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Thank you to our 2019 Sponsors, Donors, and Fundraisers!

501(c)3 info: The Burn Prevention Network is a Non-Profit Charitable Corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free 1-800-732-0999

Mike and Marie Zaia

Ashleigh Anderson

Rachael Novak

Vicki Mooney

Sarah Snyder


Jenn Nagle

Leah John

Byler Sertoma Club

Fraternal Order of the Eagles

Fleming Foundation

Kistler O’Brien Fire Protection Services


Pam & Kevin John

DJ Butz

Stark & Stark

Adam Goldman

Lehigh Valley Health Network

Sarah Snyder


Wendy Davis

Randy Darrow

Ed Kavcak

Kevin Erringer

Garth Elias

Jenny Ziembicki

UPMC Mercy Trauma Services

Alain Corcos

Whirley Drinkworks

Leo & Mickey Woelkers

Megan Boemmel

Pam Hess

John Miniaci

Lisa Ecker

Marian Wagner

Patti Rottmund

Green Hill Association

Vicki Baucum

Cheryl Schneider

Lynn Smokovich

PBA 144 PBA 144

Jenn Nagle

Meredith and Elliott Hyman

Mark McClure


Eugenia Cuyar

Gail and Dale Belschner

Mary Boylan

Becky Ruple

Tracy Hartman

Denise Campbell

Jeanne Davis

Annamarie Kleppinger

Andrew Victory

Gina Howell

Raj Padmanabhan

Holt Murray

Sean DeChancie

Michael Grace

Guy Stofman

Eric Davidson

Salvatore Ventura

Kevin Klotz

Steven Rohe

Ashley Nassar

Mary Anderson

Mary Ellen Miller

Charles Anderson

Kathleen Slater


Sammie Perella

Teresa Myers

Kayleigh Hendricks

Sara Spanjer

Gaelle Johnson

Maggie Lyle

John & Jessica McClelland

Cheryl Johnson

Hannah Schildkamp

Casey Catalano

Jennifer King

Debbie Hudak

Rhoda Smith

Laura Moyer

Sarah Zaler

Anne Pettinaroli

CJ Boffa

Alexis Carrelli

Barry Diamondstone

Barbara Polaneczky

Kristin Reichard

Alicia Singleton

Nicolle Mikolay

Michael Courchesne

Sharon Perelman

David Chudnow

Barry and Cindi Diamondstone

Charlotte Clarke

Shawn Bausher

Rafael Martinez

Matthew Davis

Sondra Sifrit

Danielle Reynolds

Cathy Putnam

Francis Gaffney

Ann Stumpf

Cathleen Knecht

Junie Maimon

Megan Anderson

Franklin Jessee

Karen Strauss

Rachel Gonzalez

Stephie Soden

Diane and Joseph Sheridan

LauraJean Yuli

Rashida Henderson

Brenda Ziemkiewicz

Janai Williams

George Buccheri

Michelle Weisbord

Devon Christman

Chrissy Janisko

Joyce Hinnebusch

Joshua Schuneman

Quito Ollero

Kristen Lilly

George Buccheri

Brett Mohney

Laura Watkinson

Michelle Ebert

Shayna Ksanznak

Lilia Miniaci

Pamela Post

Erin Dougherty

Angela Confusione

Vicki Mooney

Cheryl Whitehead

LuAnn Puglisi

Colleen Gallagher

Kristin Trageser

Kayla McAteer

Doug Schaub

Jackie Hendricks

Patricia Gambella

Mindy Wirick

Kaitlin Baird

Deborah Ross

marie boylan

Shawn Bausher

Dom DeSalle

Peggy Baum

Vicki PR

Kristly Rice

Susan Ottolini

Ruth Rhodes

Barbara Matheny

Antoinette O’Donnell

Laura D’Anna

Melissa Marks

Mary Pennington

Maria Coluccio

Carol Jones

Cynthia Jones-Gaffney

Sharon Bublitz

Nick Carrelli

James Rauh

Lilia Caramanno

Susan Ottelini

Na-Tasha Hubbard

Tiffany Babinsack

Rachel Gleitman

Sheri Deascenti

Julie Kwiatkowski

Briana Gdanitz

James Ackerman

Dane Mornak

Nick Rittle

Alexa Ansell

Steven Tamesis

Macey Schaffer

Mary Guy

Stacy Skiavo

Kristina Murphy

Blanca Ruiz

Hobbes Ferret Hollow

Christine Crete

Pehri Faulkner

Amelia Ryba

Sean Falascino

Jayson Lilly

Jonathan Lilly

Madison Conner

Rachael Pluebell

Pamela Post

Project Linus

Raquel Vazquez

Karen Hanna

Monet Thorne

Andrew & Lory VanWoert

Katherine Fryer

Karen Mattern

Patricia Schildkamp

Cyndy Wenrich

Nadeem Raza

The Booher Family

Patricia Lawlor

Marylou Newns-Speer

Michelle Boonie

Adam Helman and Della Steward

Reena Mishory

Clarice Licon

Erin Dougherty

Michelle Batz

The Dornblasers

Melece White

Santo Piccolomini

Cynthia Gaffney

Anna Barbosa

Heather Major

Barb Geno

iHealth Partners Network

Katie Shanley

George Bucceri

Denise Campbell

Deborah Smith

Linda & Jim Shanley

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Camp Susquehanna 2019 Swag Sale!!


Have your order ready to go?  Use the DONATE button below to pay with paypal or credit card:




Please email order form to or fax to 610-969-3940 (or mail with check to address below)

Send check (PAYABLE TO BURN PREVENTION NETWORK) to Burn Prevention Network 236 North 17th Street Allentown, PA 18104


Transportation Information


Friday, June 14th

10:15AM  –  The meeting place will be The Center for the Urban Child at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children.  St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children is located at 160 E. Erie Ave, Philadelphia 19134. Once you go through the main parking gate follow the signs to the Center for the Urban Child to the right.  You will see the charter bus right in the front of it.

Tuesday, June 18th

Pick up time will be 3:30 PM, same location as drop off.


Friday, June 14th

11:45 am – The meeting place for Allentown pick up will be Red Robin, 4688 Broadway A, Allentown, PA 18104.  We will be providing lunch for the campers from 11:45-12:45.

Tuesday, June 18th

Pick up time will be 2PM , same location as drop off.


Friday, June 14th

6:45 AM – The meeting place will be main entrance to UPMC Mercy, by the revolving glass doors. The address is 1400 Locust Street Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Look for a charter bus

Tuesday, June 18th 

Pick up time will be 6:30PM , same location as drop off.


Friday, June 14th

11AM – The meeting place will be the Lewisburg Fire Department at 11 Buffalo Rd, Lewisburg, PA 17837.   Lunch will be provided for the campers from 11am -12noon.

Tuesday, June 18th

Pick up time will be 3PM , same location as drop off.

Private Transport:

Camp is at 81 Spruce Lake Rd, Lakewood, PA 18439  Please have your child at camp at 3pm on Friday June 14th. You will be pick up your child from the same location at camp on Tuesday June 18th at 11:30am.