An Impact That Lasts: Marcia Levinson and Camp Susquehanna

Posted on Aug 30, 2023 in Spotlights

For over two decades, Marcia Levinson, previous director of Burn Prevention Network’s Camp Susquehanna, dedicated herself to a remarkable mission: to foster an environment where young burn survivors could not only find solace and have fun but also learn to enhance their self-image and personal development. Her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment left a lasting imprint, shaping Camp Susquehanna into a haven of healing and empowerment. Marcia’s transformative efforts have sculpted a legacy that not only resonates within the camp’s grounds but through the lives of every young camper.

Twenty years ago,  Camp Susquehanna’s agenda was simple: trips to ball games and theme parks, crafts and sports, and other fun summer activities. It was a place where young burn survivors could enjoy themselves and bond with others who shared their experiences in a fun, open environment. When Marcia came to camp in 2002, however, she brought a fresh perspective that would redefine the camp’s purpose without dampening the fun.

Marcia soon became a driving force that kickstarted a new vision for Camp Susquehanna, igniting a transformation that resonates even today. One of her notable contributions was the concept of “manageable challenge,” an idea that continues to shape the camp’s ethos today. Under her guidance, the camp began to create carefully crafted instances where campers could step out of their comfort zones without feeling overwhelmed. This approach provided a safety net of support while encouraging them to embrace new experiences and confront their fears head-on. From ropes courses that pushed physical boundaries to social settings that tested emotional limits, the essence of “manageable challenge” became an integral part of Camp Susquehanna’s foundation, a testament to Marcia’s ability to infuse personal growth and empowerment into every aspect of camp life.

Under Marcia’s guidance, Camp Susquehanna became a space for growth. The focus shifted from simply having a good time to creating an environment where campers could flourish. Her forward-thinking approach turned ordinary moments into transformative experiences. Through her dedication, the camp evolved into a place of empowerment, where young burn survivors not only found solace but also discovered their resilience and strengths.

“We have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for Marcia,” says Camp Susquehanna Co-Director Liz Hess. “Our community so loves her and has provided so much for Camp Susquehanna during her time as Camp director.”

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