Sunscreen and Hats and Shirts…OH MY!

Posted on Jul 18, 2023 in General

During this fun activity, you will talk with your children about what you need to be safe in the sun!

Materials Needed:
Coloring page 
• Art supplies (crayons, markers, stickers, glitter, etc.)

Steps to do the Activity:

  • Ask your child what the person needs to be safe outside in the sun. (Sunscreen, hat, shirt).
  • Talk about why the person would need each item.
  • Have children design a hat and shirt for the person on the coloring sheet using crayons, markers, or art materials of the child’s choice. Have them also draw a bottle of sunscreen.
  • You can also purchase inexpensive plain hats and t-shirts for your child to decorate during this activity and wear when they go outside to reinforce this concept!  If they have a chance to decorate their own items, they will be more likely to wear them!