Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Christina’s Story

Posted on Jun 28, 2023 in General

Woman and a young girl standing side by side.

Motherhood is an extraordinary journey filled with love, joy, and immense challenges. For Christina, a long-time donor, supporter, and volunteer for Burn Prevention Network and Camp Susquehanna, the path of motherhood took an unexpected turn when her daughter Lyla suffered a scald injury at the age of two. This unfortunate incident occurred just eight days after Christina’s wedding, forever altering the family’s lives.

Despite having the support of extended family, friends, and a dedicated team of medical professionals, she and her husband often felt alone in their experiences. Prior to Lyla’s accident, Christina had never met anyone with a burn injury, and now she had to navigate uncharted territory in caring for her daughter. From the moment Lyla and her parents arrived at the hospital, Christina struggled to face her new reality.

“I’m looking at this child that, in my head, I would have sworn up and down to you wasn’t my daughter,” said Christina. “Her face was so swollen that it didn’t even look like her. It was like my brain was not letting me believe it was Lyla. It’s crazy what your brain will do to help preserve your sanity.”

She had to learn how to give specialized care and support in a way that most moms never have to experience. In her journey to give Lyla the best possible life, Christina yearned for connection with others who could empathize with her and provide understanding and guidance.

“When [the hospital staff] sent us home, we were told to scrub her burns – the ones that couldn’t be covered on her face and neck. We had to scrub those multiple times daily and put ointment on them. She would scream because she’s two years old looking at somebody hurting her who should be protecting her,” said Christina. “The mental toll that took on me was excruciating.”

A strong passion ignited in Christina as she experienced firsthand the difficulties and obstacles her family faced as they became another burn survivor family. Despite needing support as the parent of a young burn survivor, Christina remained resilient, channeling her energy into being Lyla’s stalwart advocate and loving caregiver. She has dedicated her life to supporting burn survivors and championing burn prevention and fire safety with her own daughter’s resilience and strength serving as her constant motivation. She actively participates in fundraising campaigns, contributing to organizations that provide resources and support for burn survivors and their families, such as Burn Prevention Network’s Camp Susquehanna. Christina is an active participant in online forums, where she shares fire and burn safety tips, raises awareness about potential risks and preventive measures, and shares Lyla’s story, which is a catalyst to increase awareness and foster empathy and understanding. Her unwavering dedication to the cause serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, creating positive change in the lives of burn survivors and the broader community.