Burn Prevention Network’s National Impact

Posted on Mar 30, 2021 in General

On April 7 – 9, 2021, the American Burn Association (ABA) will conduct its 53rd Annual Meeting. Nearly 1500 burn care professionals, public safety educators and clinical researchers from North America and throughout the globe will participate. Among those in attendance include some of our very own incredible representatives from the Burn Prevention Network.

Leaders from the BPN will not be participating just to learn; we will also be sharing the emerging technological advancements, research findings, and valuable knowledge developing within the Burn Prevention Network itself.

Throughout the conference, the BPN will staff an exhibit featuring its newest service-line, Aperture Medical. Aperture Medical provides practical training in medical photography geared for the experienced photographer to operating room attendants charged with securing visual records of procedures and wound healing progression. These services include multiple modules from how to set-up a photograph to lighting, exposure, scaling, secure storage and documentation as well as legal applications. Tim Zoltie, Director of Photography for AM will be available to advise those who rely on image transfer for TeleMedicine programs like TeleBurn.

BPN Chief Executive Officer Dan Dillard (pictured above), a frequent presenter at this conference, will join a panel of experts to speak on the benefits of Partnerships and Collaboration in providing effective public burn prevention education. This workshop will focus on best practices for working with public health organizations, fire service organizations and educational foundations.

Finally, Matt Ferdock, BPN President of the Board, Jessica Banks, BPN Prevention Education Director, and Jenn Nagle, RN, Camp Susquehanna Burn Camp Leadership Corps, will present research findings that speak to the long-term efficacy of self-esteem and body image building interventions that are a part of youth burn camps, such as our camp for young burn survivors, Camp Susquehanna.


The BPN is elated for the opportunity to attend the 53rd Annual ABA Meeting both to learn from our associates in the field, as well as contribute ourselves to the ever-changing landscape of burn injury prevention, education, and awareness. We intend to learn valuable lessons from this conference that will allow us at the BPN to improve our services and continue to transform lives, one day at a time.



Dan Dillard

Chief Executive Officer, Burn Prevention Network