Volunteer Highlight: The Woelkers Family

Posted on Jan 22, 2024 in Camp, Program, Volunteer

Meet the Woelkers Family, where volunteering is a cherished tradition! Mickey and Leo Woelkers have been dedicated volunteers at Camp Susquehanna for many years. Leo, affectionately known as our “Chauffeur,” and Mickey, an integral part of our Fun Squad, imparting knowledge in our science sessions. Leo also serves as a valuable member of the BPN Board of Directors, now proudly holding the role of Secretary within the Executive Committee.

Their commitment extends to other family members as well, with daughter Charlette actively contributing as a counselor at Camp Susquehanna. The Woelkers Family generously extends their volunteerism to various organizations, including the LVHN Burn Center. In the attached image, Leo and Mickey volunteer alongside Charlette, son Leo, and son-in-law Quinn at the Annual LVHN Burn Survivor Holiday Party.

Their remarkable dedication and service are truly commendable, making them invaluable members of our community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Woelkers Family for their continuous support and contributions!